About XAT Exam Syllabus

XLRI Jamshedpur has released the official notification of the XAT 2023 exam. The notification does not have any information regarding the modification in the XAT syllabus. As per the XLRI Jamshedpur, the syllabus of the XAT exam consists of Verbal & Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, General Knowledge, and Essay writing. Although there has been some conflict about the weightage of the essay writing section in the exam. XAT Exam dates are out and it becomes essential for all the candidates to have a depth understanding of the Syllabus and exam pattern.

As per the sources essay writing sections' marks will not be counted while calculating the percentile but it will be evaluated during the personal interview round.

Verbal & Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation & Decision Making, are considered while preparing the XAT percentile score. This exam is among the toughest MBA entrance exam in India after the CAT Exam. Almost 100k+ students appear in XAT every year. This exam has a decision-making section which makes it more complicated to crack. The reason being decision-making does not have any predefined syllabus and tests the analytical and presence of mind. Candidates can solve the XAT previous year's papers to have a better understanding of the syllabus.

XAT Exam Syllabus

Important Points of Syllabus

Topic Details
Number of Questions 101
Number of Sections 5
Weightage Per Questions
  • Verbal and Logical Ability - 25
  • Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation – 27
  • Decision Making – 23
  • General Knowledge - 25
  • Essay writing - 01
Duration 190 Minutes
Time Per Section Part 1 - 165 Minutes | Part 2 - 25 Minutes
Exam Language/Medium English
Mode of Examnination Computer Based Online MCQ Test
Total Marks 100
Marks Per Section 100
Sectional Cutoff Not Applicable
Marking Scheme (+1) for every right answer
Negative Marking (-0.25) for wrong answer
Unattended Questions Marking No deduction for first 8 attempted question after that -0.10 deducted for every un attempted question.

Overview of CMAT Syllabus

classification of xat syllabus

The syllabus of XAT is quite similar to other management entrance exam of India such as – CAT syllabus or CMAT exam syllabus. This exam does not have a predefined syllabus which gives freedom to set the exam paper. XAT syllabus is designed to examine the speed along with analytical and decision making of candidates. Here the weightage of the section is not constant it changes every year. So having the knowledge of syllabus become essential for having knowledge about which section and topic is more important.

XAT Syllabus 2023 - Expected Weightage
PartSections WeightageTime
Part - 1
  • Verbal and Logical Ability -25
  • Data Interpretation & Quantitative Ability - 27
  • Decision Making - 23
165 Minutes
Part - 2
  • General Knowledge - 25
  • Essay writing - 01
25 Minutes (15+10)
Section Wise Classification of XAT Syllabus
TopicSub Topics
Verbal and Logical Ability Vocabulary, Fill in the blanks. Corrections of Sentences, Paragraphs, Poem, Correct Usage, clock, ages, calendars, sequences, blood relations etc.
Data Interpretation & Quantitative Ability Charts, Tables, Bar Diagrams , Statistics, Geometry, Algebra, Linear Equations, Profit& Loss, Average, Percentage, etc.
Decision Making Assumptions, Data Arrangements, Grouping and Conditioning, Conclusions , Caselets, etc.
General Knowledge Business, Economy, Awards, Sports, Events, history, Women Achievements, Who’s who, Politics, Constitution of India, Science & Research

Detailed Syllabus of CMAT 2023

Part - 1

Verbal & logical Reasoning Syllabus for XAT exam

This section is divided into three different subsections in the exam - Verbal Ability, Reading comprehension, and Logical Reasoning. The syllabus of this section will remain as the last few years' trends where 70% of questions will be asked from VARC and the remaining 30% from logical reasoning.

Topic Wise Classification of Verbal and Logical Reasoning Syllabus

Verbal Ability
Grammar, Vocabulary, Jumbled Paragraph, Synonyms/Antonyms, Completion of Sentences, Correction in Sentences, Completion of Paragraphs, Correct Usage of Words, Fill in the blanks, contextual meaning of words.

Reading Comprehension
Passage, Inference type of Questions, True and False, Based on Information, Explanation, Idioms Phrases in Passage, Motive or Topic Of Passage.

Logical Reasoning
Binary logic, Seating Arrangements, Age, Directions, Judgement, Assumptions, Analogy, Clocks, Calendars, Blood Relations, Facts , Conclusions, Coding- Decoding, Sequences, Figure, Matrix, Patterns, Input-output, Odd one out .

Data Interpretation & Quantitative Ability – XAT 2023 Syllabus

In the XAT exam paper, most of the questions were asked from Data Interpretation & Quantitative Ability section. It carries almost 25% to 30% weightage in the exam. Last year total of 28 questions was asked in this section. As per the last few years' trends, it is estimated that in the 2023 paper 27 questions will be asked in this section.

Topic Wise Classification of Data Interpretation & Quantitative Ability Syllabus

Data Interpretation
Tables, Charts, Bar Diagrams, Graphs, Analysis of Data, Comparison of Data’s, Pie charts, Data Sufficiency, Scatter plots.

Quantitative Ability
Number System, Algebra, HCF, LCM, Percentage, Simple & Compound Interest Profit & Loss, Venn Diagram, Linear & Quadratic Equations, Logarithm. Time and Work, Average, Ratio, Speed, Time and Distance, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mixture & Allegations, Inequalities, Probability, Permutation and Combination, Binomial theorem, Surds and Indices.

Decision Making Syllabus for XAT

This sections makes the XAT exam syllabus more interesting and difficult from other exams. It cannot have a predefined syllabus reason being it examine the presences of mind and analytical skills of the candidates. Here the decision making ability of candidates test in limited period of time is a key factor.

Decision Making Important Topics -

Complex Arrangements, Data Arrangements, Conditioning, Grouping, Assumptions, Caselets, Conclusions

Part - 2

XAT syllabus of General Awareness

Note : General awareness sections does not considered while calculating the XAT percentile.

Important topics for General Awareness Section

Business & Economy, Current Affairs, History, Political Science, Awards, Events, Books & Author Geography of India, Constitution of India, Famous Person, Women in news.

Essay Writing Syllabus of XAT Exam

Essay writing section marks are not take into consideration while calculating the percentile. But it considered once the candidate shortlisted for further process. Indirectly it has an impact on overall selection process. Before 2018 it was a mandatory part of XAT but exam authority have removed it. In 2022 exam this section reintroduced by XLRI Jamshedpur.

In this section descriptive question is asked. It has only 1 question and candidates are given 10 minutes to write their answer. It examine the thought process and creativity of the candidates.

Important Points about Exam Syllabus

Before candidates began their preparation here are some points they need to know.

  • Only 3 Section marks are calculated while calculating the XAT percentile.
  • XLRI does not announce and defined the structure for exam, It means the XAT exam paper can be set without having any limitations.
  • Questions in XAT papers are rarely got repeated.
  • Exam level of XAT 2023 remains between moderate to high.
  • Although essay writing will not affect your scorecard but it can make or break your chances of admission during further selection process of group discussion and personal interview.
  • XAT Exam has very unique marking scheme where no marks will be deducted for the first 8 un attempted questions but afterward 0.10 will be deducted for every un-attempted question.

Importance of CMAT Syllabus Understanding

Understanding the exam syllabus is the most underrated part of the whole preparation process for the exam. It happens with all exam aspirants not only with XAT aspirants. Candidates start hustling with the exam without even knowing about the exam syllabus. Understanding what the exam syllabus is offering is like having an upper hand, especially in the case of the XAT exam where the syllabus and exam patter is complicated. In XAT exam papers the questions come from all 5 sections but only 3 sections are taken into consideration for percentile preparation. The last section – essay writing considers the personal interview process. So if someone took essay writing for granted then they might be able to crack the percentile game but will lose the seat in the selection process. Unlike other entrances here the marking scheme is quite unique where a 0.10 mark is deducted for every unanswered question after the first 8 unanswered questions. So candidates have to choose these 8 questions wisely. After having all the knowledge a candidate can prepare a better strategy otherwise despite having a better strategy they might fail to secure a seat.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of questions are asked in XAT Exam?
In the XAT Exam paper, 100 mcq-type questions are asked. Only 1 descriptive type of question is asked in the essay writing section. Candidates are given 10 minutes extra to write essay.
XAT syllabus is more complicated than other MBA entrance exams. From 5 sections coming in the exam, only 3 sections are considered while calculating the percentile. Important topics from these 3 sections are - Vocabulary, blood relation, data arrangements, grouping, conclusions, and grammar.
In terms of syllabus comparison, Yes! XAT is more competitive than the CAT Exam. It has two extra sections other than CAT - General Knowledge and essay writing. Although marks of this section do not carry any weightage in percentile calculation. But the Essay writing section is considered during the personal interview round.
The Syllabus of XAT has been classified into two parts. Part 1 - Decision Making, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, and Verbal and Logical Ability. Part 2 - General Knowledge and Essay Writing. Only Part- 1 section marks are considered while calculating the XAT percentile.
For downloading the free pdf of the XAT syllabus you can visit the page of XAT syllabus on guidemymba website. Here you ll see a button by clicking on that you can download the syllabus pdf for free.

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