CMAT Previous Years Papers

CMAT is one of the major management entrance exams in India after the CAT. All the AICTE-approved business colleges accept the result of the CMAT for admission in management courses. It unlocks the gate of admission to some of the most prestigious business schools of India like JIMS, GIOM, and SIMSREE. But For admission into these colleges, you need to score at least 95 percentile on CMAT and it was quite difficult. Anytime soon the NTA releases the official notification regarding the CMAT Exam Date 2023. So better preparation becomes more important here and what is better than solving old papers?

Solving the previous year's papers will give them an idea about their current position and give insight into the areas that students need to improve before the CMAT exam. You can solve the CMAT last year's paper and CMAT mock test series from our site for better preparation. Also, you can download the pdf files for free of CMAT's previous year's papers. All of you are advised to check the CMAT Syllabus before starting to solve the papers.

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CMAT Previous Year Papers Pdf Download | 2022 - 2018

CMAT Paper with Solution - 2022
Slot 1 CMAT Paper with Solution - 2021
Slot 2 CMAT Paper with Solution - 2021
CMAT Paper with Solution - 2020
CMAT with Solution - 2019
CMAT Slot 1 Paper with Solution - 2018
Slot 2 CMAT Paper with Solution - 2018

Importance of Solving the CMAT Last years Papers

  • Time Management -
    Managing time is a key aspect of all exams and the CMAT Exam is no different. Test takers have to devote their time equally to all the sections reason being each question in the exam carries the same weightage. For that applicants need to utilize the time in the best way possible. Solving papers is one of the best ways to achieve this with this technique they are not only able to fasten their speed of solving questions. But also, find out the areas which are less time-consuming and which are more. It will help them prioritize topics to solve in the exam first.

  • Insights provider -
    For a competitive exam like CMAT, it is essential to find out some useful performance insight in order to improve the performance. There are many ways to achieve this but the most convenient one is practicing the old papers. Once you solved the paper and fetch the result you'll get the information about your time taken, topics which are your strong & weak points, marks, and areas where you have made mistakes. And once you have this data with you then you can start working in the right direction.

  • Stress Eliminiator -
    There is one famous saying "Watching the important moment takes away their fear" this means the fear of something only last until you have witnessed it. The same is with the exam applicants who take extra stress by thinking about the exam paper. Although studies claimed that short-term stress work as a motivator but if it stays for long it will make you feel numb. Candidates can practice the cat last year's papers it will make them familiar with the exam pattern, types of questions, and level of exam. And it will eliminate the stress at some level which is helpful for candidates.

  • Strategy-
    All of us are aware of the fact that how a good strategy provides an upper hand. But a good strategy required a constant check to find out its worthiness. Many candidates ask teachers about their study plans or discuss them with their colleagues. And it is a good idea but a single strategy won't work for everyone and a person needs to identify his/her key points to design a customized strategy for themselves. It can be achieved by practicing more and more questions may be from books, videos, or from previous years' papers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is CMAT easy to crack??
No, CMAT is not easy to crack exam it is just comparatively less difficult than CAT Exam. Otherwise, candidates need to secure a 95+ percentile in exams to confirm their seats in top MBA colleges accepting CMAT Scores. Also, CMAT is scheduled in the month of March so it'll provide extra time for candidates to prepare..
Visit "" and scroll down after reading the information. Below you'll find the list of CMAT papers arranged year-wise, now click on the download pdf button, and downloading will start. All the pdf on this site are available for free.
MCQs are asked in the CMAT exam and each question carries 4 marks. All the questions come from the 5 sections - Language Comprehension, Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation Logical Reasoning, General Awareness, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.
Based on the college you are aiming to take admission the good score criteria vary. For example, if you want to secure a seat in GIOM, or JBIMS then you need to score at least 96+ percentile. On the other hand, if you are looking for a decent college then the 85 percentile is enough.

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