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About CAT Exam

The most awaited moment for MBA aspirants has arrived. CAT exam dates are out and this year's exam is scheduled for 27 November 2022. This exam unlocks the door to admission to the prestigious management institutes of India known as IIMs. The average salary offered in these IIMs is in the millions which ensure a better career. As we all know that every one craves a secure career and success in the CAT exam almost assures that. This makes the students attracted to the CAT exam which makes the competition level high.

In 2,00,000 aspirants it's difficult to secure a place in the top 5500 to get admission. Things got even more complex when you are aiming for the top 3 IIMs. For that, you need to score at least 97+ percentile. In order to crack CAT, it's essential to prepare in the best way, you can achieve it in many ways, and solving the previous year's papers is one of them. Last year's paper helps you to be familiar with the exam pattern and marking scheme.

CAT Previous Year Papers Pdf Download | 2021 - 1999

CAT Paper with Solution - 2022
Slot 1 CAT Paper with Solution - 2021
Slot 2 CAT Paper with Solution - 2021
CAT Slot 1 Paper with Solution - 2020
CAT Slot 2 paper with Solution - 2020
Slot 3 CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2020
Slot 1 CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2019
Slot 1 CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2019
Slot 2 CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2018
Slot 1 CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2017
Slot 2 CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2017
CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2008
CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2007
Solved CAT Exam Paper - 2006
CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2005
Solved CAT Exam Paper - 2004
CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2003
CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2002
Soled CAT Exam Paper - 2001
CAT Exam Paper with Solution - 2000
Solved CAT Exam Paper - 1999

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Importance of Solving the CAT Last years Papers

  • Time Management -
    Aspirants appearing in the CAT exam are required to utilize their time in the best possible manner. Time management can be a game changer, especially in a competitive and lengthy exam like CAT. Each and every moment carries a weightage in 120 minutes of exam day. Candidates can follow many ways to improve their time-related skills and solving CAT in last year's paper is one of them. Solving papers allow you to get information about the areas where you are wasting extra time and required improvement.

  • Key Insights provider -
    Improvement can be done only after when you find where you are lacking. If someone is not aware of the topics and areas where he or she is not doing good how can they score big in the CAT exam? Sometimes instructors told aspirants about the areas where they need to put in extra effort and sometimes candidates need to realize it after evaluating their performance. And for that solving papers becomes essential reason being it will provide information such as time taken, strong areas, and topics that need extra care. After collection of this information aspirants can better their performance.

  • Stress Eliminiator -
    There is one famous saying "Watching the important moment takes away their fear" this means the fear of something only last until you have witnessed it. The same is with the exam applicants who take extra stress by thinking about the exam paper. Although studies claimed that short-term stress work as a motivator but if it stays for long it will make you feel numb. Candidates can practice the cat last year's papers it will make them familiar with the exam pattern, types of questions, and level of exam. And it will eliminate the stress at some level which is helpful for candidates.

  • Strategy Builder/Helper -
    For conquering anything in life a person needs a strategy. A well-optimized strategy works as a guide throughout the journey and provides you with important information. For exams students mostly follows the strategy for plan guided by instructors or followed by toppers and their friends. But one plan will not work for all the aspirants with the same efficiency reason being every aspirant has their own characteristics and the required strategy. Solving previous year and sample paper can be a guide that helps candidates in the preparation of the right study plan.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is CAT easy to crack?
No, definitely CAT is not easy to crack exams. For securing admission to top IIMs a candidate needs to score more than 98 percentile in the exam. CAT has considered one of the toughest entrance exams in India only 5000 students are able to take admission among 200000+ applicants.
Visit and Select CAT from the entrance exam menu. Now Select the cat previous year's papers options and a webpage will open with all the last year's cat papers. Just click on the download pdf button and the file will automatically start downloading to your system.
MCQs are asked in the CMAT exam and each question carries 3 marks. All the questions come from the 3 sections - DILR, RC and QA.
For admission to top IIMs, a candidate needs to score 98+ percentile. Apart form that anything near the 90 percentile is a good score on a common admission test, with this score candidate can take admission to some best management institutes in India.

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