Online Education – Why E-learning is a great Option?

online education

Ed-tech is the term that is in trend these days, especially after the covid-19. Technology is making its way in every aspect and Education is no different. So that’s how ed-tech rises and impresses people with its affordability and convenience. Ed-tech represents the combination of two industries Education and Technology which is also known as Online education. During the times of the covid-19, the reach of e-learning changed drastically. This Learning method is quite effective and attracts people with its ease and scalability. Also, some people raise the point that it does not help in the overall development of the students. let us understand about Ed-tech and the facts of the Online Education system.

Online education is similar to traditional classroom education; the only difference is that in e-learning the classes are conducted virtually not at a physical location. The E-learning system has a wider and more cost-effective reach in comparison to classroom education. According to the IBEF, the ed-tech industry in India is about 1.4 billion US dollars and it is estimated that by 2025 online education industries will reach 4 Billion US dollars.

In the past few years, e-learning has become most popular for vocational training because apprentices and employers are able to reduce their travel and accommodation costs through it. 

Here is a brief research on the pros and cons of online education so that one may be able to determine its usefulness and effectiveness

Why is Ed-tech Growing? Points in Favor of Online Education

Lifetime Access

Online education systems work on the lifetime subscription model for most courses. A student needs to pay the fee of the course one time and he/she can access the course at any time. So after the class when they have any doubts they can just watch the recorded lecture and revise the class. Also, the working professionals can take classes according to their convenience.


In every aspect, the e-learning method is quite affordable for people in comparison to classroom education. Not only is the course fee low but it saves the travel time and the cost of the people.  Most employers adopted the ed-tech model to train their employees during the time of covid-19. Since it is cost-effective they are still enjoying the benefits of online education. 

Eliminate Geographical Boundaries

The online education system eliminates the location foundation for the students. They need to travel for hours or shift to a new city if they want a quality education. The Ed-tech industry brings the best teacher lecture to their home. This is one of the main reasons why the ed-tech industry is having its dream run.

Customized Education

Customized education is the core strength of e-learning. Unlike classroom learning in e-education, a student can choose a time and place according to his preferences to take the classes. This feature enables the education system to run smoothly in tough times of pandemics.

Why is Traditional Education Important? : Drawbacks of Online Education

Lack of Motivation

During the course, it happens that sometimes a student feels like he is not able to understand things and quits the course. And that is why the quit rate of online education is so high. In conventional learning, teachers understand and talk with students. This guidance and motivation are missing in e-learning.

Lack of Discipline

The conventional style of learning also puts emphasis on discipline. On the other hand, E-education fails in this because discipline is not something that one can learn without practicing it. The traditional form of education practices disciplines at every point.

Minimal communication

In traditional education, a student interacts with the teachers and other students. This help in evolving the personality of the students. Interaction with others is not that impactful in the E-education system.

No overall development 

In Schools and colleges apart from studies, a student does many other activities also. Extracurricular activities help in the complete development of the person and that is completely missing in the online education system. So through E-learning, the overall development of the student is not possible.

Classroom Education or Online Education: What is Best?

Like any other thing, online education has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is just a matter of choice for a person according to their situation. Online education is effective and easy to afford. Students can take their classes from any part of the world at any time. But there is something that online education can’t do like if we talk about the stage when a child starts its education journey. Classroom education is important because school is a place where a kid learns how to make friends, how to make choices and many other physical activities. On the other hand, an employee who is working and wants to learn something new without quitting their job. In that case, he/she can join an e-learning platform and save a lot of time.
Companies can train their employees from remote locations and save costs. So both forms of education are the right choice depending on your requirements.

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