Impact of 5g on the Global Economy and Environment

During the past 2 years, many countries & businesses have suffered much due to the Covid pandemic. And now many countries & Businesses are going digitalized and most jobs have modernized their work online. All of this has increased the need for a network that provides faster download speeds, low latency, and more capacity for connecting billions of devices. 5g is the fifth generation of wireless and a new kind of network connecting everyone and everything virtually. The impact of 5g on the global economy and environment is significant. On one side it opens up new opportunities for the world on another side it is harmful to the environment.  

Impact of 5g on economy and environment

5g was introduced in early 2019 by global operators. Right now many mobile phone companies have also started manufacturing and commercializing 5g phones. The said new wireless network provides high data speed in accordance with low latencies. 60+ countries have access to 5g and there are more in counting. Great outcomes have been seen during its first few years of launch.

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There will be more connectivity and high speeds of data through 5g; basically starting a new and more digitalized era. Higher economic growth is for sure through the latest wireless network introduced after 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4g. Businesses are operating with the 5g network resulting in increased productivity with eminent economic growth. 5g technology will give chance the business to cover entering into new dimensions of the market. 

Positive Impact of 5g on the Global Economy

  • According to the experts, 5g applications will add billions and trillions of USD to the GDP of the world by the 2030s.
  • It has the potential to create millions of jobs across all sectors of the economy.
  • There will be an increase in the number of IoT devices connected in the upcoming years as estimated.
  • Banks and various other sectors have adapted to the digital world and switched most of their services online so that now customers and citizens are able to perform their work from their homes easily. 5g would be making a huge impact on these sectors through its features as more and more devices are connecting to the network and people started believing on the digital world.

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Negative Impact of 5g on the Environment

  • The latest mobile phones are 5g assured but there are many users who would need to buy new phones for 5g access.
  • As more and more cell phones would be bought, there will be more greenhouse gas emissions which will lead to more pollution in our already polluted world. 5g will promote the heavy uses of mobile phones which again affects us negatively. We can’t think of a life without phones and 5g will take this addiction to next level.
  • When people would buy new phones, they would most likely throw their old ones if not exchanged and that could lead to an increase in e-waste.
  • There would be more use of non-renewable resources which are needed to manufacture cell phones and which are not easily recycled as everyone would want a mobile with access to 5g in this new era.
  • Moreover, cell phone towers are harmful to people and a likely reason for dangerous diseases like cancer because of the radiation coming from them.
  • Cell phones themselves emit harmful radiation at night and therefore it is advised not to sleep with your phone near or around you.
  • There are already concerns about the negative outcomes of 5g on the environment due to its energy exploitation, impacts of the built-up, and a massive amount of new devices.
  • Fortunately, many companies are looking for ways to make 5g eco-friendly and in no time 5g would n longer be a problem for the environment.
  • There will be many opportunities provided by 5g to protect and preserve the environment.

Ways to Make the Most Impact of 5g Technology on Economy

  • By reducing energy consumption
  • Decarbonization; means a reduction of carbon
  • Through more efficient cooling
  • Reducing emissions; etc.


Development is a must for humans for survival. It brings new dimensions and opportunities for business. Telecom technology is considered as most finest and useful innovation of all time. It brings the whole world together in a pocket-sized device called a smartphone. With each day passing tech has been evolving more and more in our lives. But all of this comes at a harmful cost which we are neglecting in front of Monetary benefits. A billion birds died every year due to the radiation of mobile signals. These tech things promote the uses of mobile which produce carbon. The impact of social media has been increasing after the faster and cheaper internet.
Yes! development is a must but we need to determine at what cost. We need to make sure the impact of 5g remains maximum with minimum effect on the environment. The ultimate goal of all the innovation is to make the world a better place to live not a place of pollution and radiation.