Having a Life Without a Phone?

Recently some reports released by various sources stated India will have 800 million smartphone users by end of 2022. Mobilephone or especially smartphones have become a have to part of human lives. On average an adult person 6 or more hours of the day using the phone. For almost 78% of users, it’s not possible to imagine a life without a phone or mobile. The telephone was invented by Graham bell so that people from different locations can communicate. Since then the tech of mobile kept on updating and now mobile are not used only for communication. Instead, it become a medium of entertainment, education, media, and business.

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Phones were addictive but not as much as after the arrival of social media. The impact of social media has become a big reason for addiction. Also, the latest tech such as photography, gaming, payments, and communication played a big role in becoming a habit. From a useful invention, it becomes a matter of concern because heavy use of his cause anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, and living in a fake world. As per reports, 45% of teenager feels anxiety and depression when they lost their phone. Let us Understand more about this in detail.

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Why having A life Without a Phone is a Good Option?

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Break From this Unreal World

Surely one point needs to be resolved for the betterment of a human and that is to stop living in a fake world. Smartphones especially social media apps are a place where people are living their fake lives. A life where phones are not allowed let them know about the real-life joy of living, the hard work to earn, and the challenges of survival. Things are not glittering in the real world as they appear on Instagram or Snapchat.

Make People More Creative and Productive

According to reports of an osf.io survey, approximately 48000 people agreed to the fact that extensive use of phones makes them less creative. What does heavy usage of a phone does to the human mind – it make the attention span time of a person quite less. As result people need something exciting at every moment otherwise they feel bored and we all know creativity requires a lot of patience. Also, the heavy usage of phones or the habit of keeping on checking phones leads to lower productivity. A person who kept on using the phone will never be able to concentrate on work.

Build Strong Relationships

The phone was invented with the purpose of connecting people to make their bond stronger. Interestingly what we are seeing is completely different. Definitely, it made communication seamless and more impactful but on the other hand, the heavy usage of phones is disconnecting them from people. People are becoming restless as they want to know more and more about the online activity of their partner. As result, it born the things such as lack of trust, spying, and arguments. If we have life without phones people will respect each other and pay more attention to their relationships with others.

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Reduce Psychological Disorders

In most psychological disorders cases phones are the main culprit, especially for teenagers. They see something exciting over mobile and crave getting it. And when they failed to achieve that thing they feel disappointed. Similarly, they feel bullied and rejected because of their appearance. Surely when we have a break from the internet world it will be great for our mental health. It will give our mind a state of peace where we feel confident about our appearance and life.

No Introduction to the Dark Side of the Internet world

Internet and mobile have surely changed the world in a positive way. But on the other side things such as the dark web, and pornography is kept on impacting us. Children are getting exposed to the adult side of the internet which is impacting their minds and way of thinking. A world with no or limited access to mobile and the internet will create an environment where childer utilize the internet for productivity, not for adultery.

Elimination of Fear of Missing Out

Strange research is done by some teachers in a school where they locked the mobile phones of students for 2 hours in the locker. After 2 hours the finding of that research is quite disturbing for them. The reason being almost 62% of children are having anxiety and trauma only after 30 minutes. After 120 minutes they feel relaxed and checked their phones desperately. According to teachers, the students are living in a mobile world and when phones are locked they are thinking about what is happening in the phone which is making them desperate. Also, it is beneficial for us to keep ourselves away from gadgets as much as possible.

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Why Phones are Necessity to Us?

Medium of Communication

Mobile phones are easy to available and the cheapest source of communication. It kept us connected to the world 24*7 and other options are not that cost-effective. Also, they will not be available to use anytime anywhere. So if mobile phones will ban then we will cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. We may not be able to get information, updates, and news about the rest world. and communication will be stopped between two people living far from each other.

End of Online Business

In today’s world, most business relies on the use of mobile phones. An increasing number of smartphone users open a new dimension to business and if we assume about life without mobile then these businesses will see a huge decline in their growth. The reason being there is a limited number of PC users in India who shops for anything online and it can not be accessible anywhere. Smartphones are one of the biggest reasons why we are seeing such growth in the business sector. It provides a platform to buyers and sellers where they can sell and buy things from anywhere at any time.

Drop in Development

Technologies are kept on changing rapidly and people are adapting them accordingly. But when there is a ban on mobile phones then we rarely see development in technology also a major part of people will not be able to utilize it. So surely life without phones will impact our rate of development.

The education Sector Will Face huge losses

One sector that has enjoyed the benefits of mobile and the internet the most is education sector. Mobiles have given a new dimension to the educational sector with online education features. It made education cheaper and its scope wider. Now a person can study at any top university in the world from his home through his phone. Now we all can imagine how life without phones will impact the experience of modern-day education.

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Is it Possible to Have a life Without a Phone?

No! it is not possible for us to live a life without phones. The reason is simple phones have entered into our life deeply. And it’s completely fine to utilize the potential of technology for growth. Also, the main concern that needs to be solved is the use of the phone. To today date, almost 95% of users are not capturing the potential of mobile truly they just use phones as a medium of timepass for them. There are various stories available on the internet which show how a person achieves success by using smartphones.
So we cant ban phones reason is simple they will not be possible to use and will impact various sectors. Instead of thinking about life without a phone, we need to think about how to make life better with the phone. This device is more than using social media, watching videos, or playing games. It can be a teacher, a business platform, a guide, and many other things as per requirement. Simply we have to understand the productive uses of phones otherwise a thing utilized for unproductive purposes is a piece of garbage.