Artificial Intelligence (AI) Gd Topic – Pros and Cons of AI Technology 

In recent times the world has seen immense development in the field of technology. With the announcement of AI tools such as Chatgpt, midjourey and many more AI become the talking point. You can do most of the things using these tools such as blog writing, generating images, making videos and much more. Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. Some are supporting it, some are criticising it and some have fear of getting replaced. 

This tech is helpful for many but has some serious concerns. Like recently a deep fake video of Indian actress “Rashmika Mandhana” was circulating over the internet. That whole video was just made using AI tools. Let’s find out all the positive and negative aspects of AI technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Intelligence is the ability of a computer system to make decisions on its own. These machines of software do not need regular instructions from humans. They can solve the problem using the datasets.  Driverless cars, personalised search engines, Chat GPT, deepfake, making the script a speech, and automatic decision-making are the prime examples of it.  

Without any doubt, this tech has changed the way things operate. Now companies are using tech which can be used in an automated way and it’s reducing their dependency on humans. AI is the new normal nowadays. You can see that in every industry be it healthcare, marketing, HR, finance, manufacturing, automobile or education.

Stats of the AI Industry

  • As per the reports of Statista – the AI market will reach the 1847495.6 Million US dollar market by the end of 2030. 
  • In 2023, almost 50% of businesses are using some kind of AI technology in their business.
  • As per the states in 2023 the AI investment in India will touch 4 billion US dollars.
  • Finance and HR are the top industries which have seen the highest AI adoption rate. 
  • In total nearly 60000 companies are working in this domain. The USA has a 40% share in this which makes it the hub of AI companies.
  • Marketing and Advertising has a 37% adoption rate in Generative AI technology.

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Pros of Artificial Intelligence 

Pros of AI
  • AI needs very little interference from humans which reduces the dependency on humans. And this helps companies to reduce their costs in the larger picture.
  • Generative AI can create something using a text prompt. You can write blogs, generate pictures, create videos, develop applications, make websites and more just using the text. 
  • AI can work way faster than humans and with great efficiency. 
  • Today’s market is all about the personalisation of how well a business can interact with its customers. This AI is a game changer. It helps businesses to interact with customers using the way they want. Companies leverage AI and data to personalise ads, content, blogs and websites.
  • Education is one of the sectors where students and teachers use it to make the most out of opportunities. They use the AI tools to learn new things and find the relevant information only. 
  • The decision-making ability of AI helps this tech to be used for developing something new. AI can create an idea to fully function products. 

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Cons of Artificial Intelligence

cons of AI
  • As per the reports if I continue to grow in this manner soon it will start taking the human’s lower level jobs. Jobs which require automated work and low effort.  
  • AI systems work on the data and make decisions on that data. If the information in that system is biased then it will make a biased decision. Suppose a quiz in which information is filled out that men are better drivers than women. In that condition a competition took place between men and women and AI was biased towards men. 
  • Since all the systems use the information of the user, it may lead to situations where we can see the hacking of user information.
  • Generative AI has very serious concerns as it can replicate the digital presence of a person. Recently a video took the internet by storm of Indian actress “Rashmika Mandana”. Although that video was made using AI but its dangerous to see how AI can harm the image of a person. Suppose that happens to a small-town girl it may ruin all her dignity. Also, scammers use this and audio AI to blackmail people. 
  • You can not trust the machine and there is no accountability if a system does something wrong then it’s an accident and no responsibility. This may have some serious outcomes for business and humans. 
  • Also, this is based on the data that occurred in the past if there is something new most of the time this AI system will create a gimmick solution to that. 


So, AI is a great innovation that can change the human way of working. But power comes with some responsibility otherwise that can backfire. Artificial technology has immense potential to make the work process more efficient. On the other hand, the unethical uses of this can be hazardous. Like replicating someone using a deepfake, circulation of wrong information, replacing humans totally and using sensitive information. The government has to make certain laws for this otherwise it can be used either way. So, we need to adapt to the changes and use the tech responsibility. Ensure that you do not disclose your identity to any unauthorized or untrusted website or portal.

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