Peer Pressure

peer pressure

Peer refers to the group of people of the same age and same social groups. When a person is young he loves to stay in a group of people who have the same preferences as him. Directly or indirectly these groups influence our choices. Whenever we make a decision in our life in some manner it was directed by our surroundings. Now let’s understand what is peer pressure?

Peer Pressure is nothing but the influence of a group on a person. In other words, peer pressure is the phenomenon when a person does something that he or she does not usually do. It can be doing something productive and useful. On the other hand, it can be devastating like guiding the youth in illegal activities.

We can see this peer pressure in people of every age group from kids to old. But a mature person knows how to make decisions. That’s why the kids mostly do things under the influence of the group in comparison to mature people. But sometimes the well-educated person also does things under the pressure of others like parents pushing their children for marriage under the influence of society. Peer pressure also helps people to grow positively and reach new heights. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of peer pressure.

Pros of Peer Pressure

  • Peer pressure can help people by inspiring them to make positive choices in their lives. Sometimes people feel it is difficult to make the right decision. At that time our friends and family play an important role and guide us. 
  • Peer pressure motivates people to do something productive. It guides people to do something that has the ability to change their lives.  
  • In sports or in studies the pressure from others works as a booster and people perform heroically in their fields 
  • When we live in a group we adopt the habits of the group of people which we found attractive. A group of well-dressed habits also influence others to dress well and present themselves in the best possible way.
  • In a group people live, they share all their experiences over there and that gives them a sense of satisfaction that there are some people who listen and understand their things.
  • Sometimes our friends or family members feel alone and need someone to talk to in that situation. Our surrounding groups and people help us. It is important because sometimes a talk with someone can change their mind and make them happy.

Cons of Peer Pressure

  • A major concern with the influence of the group over people is sometimes these groups influence others to do some devastating things and activities that are harmful to others. Like most parts of India, religious groups influence devotees to do unethical activities.
  •  In social groups or in friend circles, students and young people started taking things like smoking, drinking, and drugs. People influenced by this lifestyle of others are making their life bad and going nowhere.
  • Most of the people started the illegal activities under the pressure of the people nearby. They pass the wrong information and ask them to harm others. It is a serious concern because people easily fall into the trap and think whatever their group is saying is the truth and the rest is a lie.
  • Sometimes people fail to meet the expectations of the group and that causes mental stress. People in groups pressure others so much for the desired result and if they fail they feel like a loser and things go worse for them.
  •  Teenagers are influenced by their peers so much that they forget about their reality.  And in the process to match others they start to do something dangerous. Peer pressure is impacting the thinking ability of teenagers. 
  •  So much reliance on friends and family can make a person afraid of taking decisions. A person needs to know that he is the last person who makes a decision and he is responsible for that.


Humans love to be in groups and intact with others. Most of the things we do are somehow inspired by our family, friends, and colleagues. These peers are not responsible for the decision because they only influence others. We are the ones who make the last decision. So it’s our responsibility to make the right group of people. If we choose the people who are productive, knowledgeable, and successful then they will encourage us to do something revolutionary in our lives and guide us with their experience. Or if we choose other people they direct us to do smoking, drugs or any bad activity.

So no peer pressure can encourage us to do the wrong things. It is we who take the decision and only we are responsible for the consequence of that. But It is also a fact that peers are influenced in the decision-making process so it’s our responsibility to choose our peers wisely or make our peers ideal.