Russia vs Ukraine War

russia vs ukraine

On 24 Feb 2022 Russia launched a “Special Military Operation “ on Ukraine. The whole world is in shock from this invasion of Russia on Ukraine. This war between these two countries could be the start of something big and may impact many countries. Currently, Russia destroyed the capital of Ukraine ‘Kivi very badly, and all the military buildings completely destroyed by the army. Russian president Vlamedir Putin has already warned all the countries that if anyone comes with military help to Ukraine, Russia will use the nuclear weapon. Russia vs Ukraine war has impacted many countries and India is no different.

Russia started sending its troops to the borders under the name of “training exercise “. The number of military professionals increased by the Russian authority later. Russia is ready to call off its military from Ukraine only on one condition Ukraine gives guarantees that it will never join the NATO countries in the future. Russia knows that NATO countries fight together and dominate the other countries. 

In the year of 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine and successfully captured a part of Ukraine. That part is now known as cremia. In that war, more than 14000 lives were compromised. This time also Russia comes with the same plan but they do not know that Ukraine will fight back and war will become that tense. The only good thing about this invasion of Russia and Ukraine is that the army is not targeting the citizens. They are handling them with peace and carefully. 

On the other side, Ukraine gives armory to the citizens and all the citizens are fighting with all their spirit for their nation. Ukraine and Russia signed a Minsk peace accord to maintain peace. Russia is sending its troops in the name of peacemakers in Ukraine. And the situation is getting worse with every passing day.

Facts of the War

Why is Russia invading Ukraine?

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy requested to join the group of NATO countries so that they can feel secure. But that was not the right move and this decision is not welcomed by Russia. 
  • NATO is the main reason for the Ukraine and Russia wars because all the countries in the NATO group come together and fight with a single country. Russia knows that if Ukraine joins their group then any time they will attack Russia and the situation is going to be devastating for them.
  • The US will be able to deploy its army to the Russian and Ukrainian borders through the name of NATO. After that one wrong step from the Russian military will convert it into a big war and that is what the USA wants. Every country has the right to think about its future and that’s why Russia is against NATO.
  • Russia enters Ukraine with the thought of changing the government over there but the situation has become different from their planning. Right now this fight has become a matter of pride for Russia and they will not take a step back until their demands not to fulfill.

Why people in Ukraine favor

  • Ukraine is a separate country and it’s their right to what group they want to join. Russia is no one to decide that Ukraine can’t do that.
  • Earlier Russia invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea.  So Ukraine is always in fear of Russia that they will attack them at any time like right now. That’s the reason why they want to join NATO.
  • The way Russia is bombing the kivey and other cities of Ukraine is quite devastating. They almost destroyed the two cities of Ukraine. This is not the way to talk about peace and for Ukraine, this fight is about their land.
  • Unlike Afghanistan, the president of Ukraine ….. And the citizens of Ukraine are fighting. This courage from Ukrainians is appreciated by all the people from the world.
  • The whole world knows that if Russia wins this war then Russia will not stop and attack other countries. European Union countries are frightened by Russia and that’s why they are directly and indirectly helping Ukraine. 
  • Ukraine is fighting for its identity and everyone has the right to defend themselves.

Impact on India of this 

Which stand does India need to take ?

India has a good relationship with both countries. Even with Russia, India has a very good International relationship.  From the Kashmir topic in UNO to the fight for India against the USA in 1971 Russia has always proved its friendship with India. Russia always uses its special VETO power in the UNO in the favor of India. Most of the military equipment in India is exported from Russia. It is Russia that stands with India and that’s why every country is threatened to fight with India. 

Conclusion – Russia Vs Ukraine

Although Ukraine always opposes India, we believe that the thought of “Vasudev Kutumbakam” means the whole world is a family. So we can not support Russia for his invasion. India needs to take charge and try to maintain the peace between these two countries. Not for Russia, not for Ukraine but for humanity and the people of both countries.

After some days leaders will meet with each other and declare that the war is over. They smile, celebrate and life goes on. But there are some people who go through immense amounts of pain because they lost their loved ones in this war. A mother lost her son, a wife lost her husband and a daughter lost her family. A person lost his dream house that he built from all his savings. It is understandable that Russia is concerned about its national security. But war is never an option that can be solved by mutual understanding. Russia can try to communicate with Ukraine and make them understand their concern. 

Now we have already seen some devastating scenes and want this war to end soon. So the leaders of both countries need to meet and with mutual understanding stop this war.