Metaverse – A World Without Any Limitation


Technology kept on updating itself and “Metaverse” is the result of that. It made a huge buzz in all industries whether small, medium, or big. In 1992 the word “Metaverse” was first time introduced to the world in a novel by Neal Stephenson called “Snow crash”. Neal Stephenson defined this word as a term that means beyond this world. Still, After 30 years, people are trying to find out what the metaverse is all about whether it is a world beyond this universe or just a replication of the human world in Augmented Reality (AR). Tech freak companies are completely crazy about this tech on the other hand for some people it is just a cartoonish world with more details and graphics.

Meaning of Metaverse?

Metaverse is a futuristic technology that creates an immersive replication of the real world using Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR). In the simple world a virtual copy of our real universe. Since It is based on imagination it does not have any limitations. It is a world where humans are going to live their digital life. People can meet, do business, host parties, run offices, join seminars, and many other things.
All the users have their district known as “Avatar” which represents them in Metauniverse

  • The whole technology will be based on a decentralized database “blockchain”. It will make all the information of this universe “immutable.”
  • Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are introducing the metaverse to the world at a basic level.
  • Popular Music Artist Justin Biber has also performed a show in the metaverse.
  • It brings hyper-realistic experiences which can be a plus point for the business.
  • It is just not about seeing the things it will make you feel the things. According to some people after a few years, meta avatars replace real-world entertainers in the field of music, movies, and shows.